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Venus Transit 2004
Informal Education Survey

To better serve you with our future events, we are interested in learning more about Venus Transit-related programs that you offered to the public. We would also like to get your feedback on the education resources we provided. We invite you to share your experience with us through this survey.

All required questions and fields are noted in blue. However, please try to answer all the questions if possible. The complete survey will take approximately 15 minutes.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact:
Jackie Wong

General Information

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Last name:
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Venus Transit Programs

1) Did you offer any Venus Transit related activities or programs?
If Yes, skip to question 2.

If no, were you interested in offering Venus Transit related programs? What were the reasons for not offering?

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2) What type of programs did you offer? (Check all that apply)
Program(s) Type

Program(s) Description
Target Audience
Approximate Attendence

3) What was the most successful Venus Transit program or activity you offered? What made it successful?

4) What programs or activities were NOT successful? What made them unsuccessful?

5) What were some useful resources for planning or facilitating your program(s)? (Check all that apply)


Which of these was the most useful resource:

6) How far in advance did you begin preparation for your program(s)?

7) How did you advertise your Venus Transit program(s)? (Check all that apply)


8) Did any scientists or astronomers outside your organization help with your program(s) in any way?
If Yes, how did you contact them?

Future Programs

9) Are you interested in offering future webcast events and/or related programs?
Are you interested in offering programs related to the Ancient Observatories webcasts during December 2004 and March 2005?
[Ancient Observatories: Timesless Knowledge]
If Yes, who can we contact when more details of the Ancient Observatories webcast become available?

If no, can you specify your reasons: (Check all that apply)


10) We are hoping to offer the following resources for future webcast events. Which of the following would be useful to you? (Check all that apply)

11) What other resources would be useful to you for planning these future events?

12) We might be able to offer additional education resources if the cost can be shared with the educators. Will you be interested in resources that require a small fee? (Examples: VHS/DVD videos, eclipse glasses, bulk amount of hand-out materials.)

13) To get a better idea of the Venus Transit-related programs offered at informal education organizations, we would like to collect any press releases, media coverages, program schedules/flyers, web materials, and especially pictures taken at the actual events. We appreciate any materials that you can send us. Web links and electronic materials are preferred.

Please send all materials to Jackie Wong.
Web and Electronic materials:

Physical materials: (Please note that any materials you sent will not be returned.)
Jackie Wong
The Center for Science Education
Space Sciences Laboratory
University of California
7 Gauss Way, MC 7450
Berkeley, CA 94720-7450

14) Other comments and suggestions.