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NASA Core Materials

The NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE), established in cooperation with Lorain County Joint Vocational School, serves as the worldwide distribution center for NASA-produced multimedia materials. For a minimal charge, CORE will provide a valuable service to educators unable to visit one of the NASA Educator Resource Centers by making NASA educational materials available through its mail order service.

Lorain County Joint Vocational School
15181 Route 58 South
Oberlin, OH 44074
Toll Free Ordering Line: 866-776-CORE
Toll Free FAX Line: 866-775-1460
World Wide Web:

The Following Sun-Earth related materials are available through CORE:

Videocassette General

Colors of the Sun
The visible spectrum is only part of what the Sun emits within the electromagnetic spectrum. Study how astronomers use technology to learn more about objects that are far away.

Ulysses: An Expedition Over the Sun’s Poles
Learn about the discoveries made by the Ulysses spacecraft. Video includes an educator's guide.

Ulysses: A Voyage to The Sun
Based on information obtained from Skylab, this program describes the joint mission to explore the Sun’s atmosphere.

Earth-Sun Relationship
This animated presentation includes the formation of the Sun and planets, the death of a star, and how NASA’s space probes discovered the Van Allen belts.

Partnership Into Space: Mission Helios
Follow the development and launch of Helios, which orbited more closely to the Sun than any human-made object to date.

BLACKOUT! Solar Storms and Their Effects on Planet Earth
Follow the path of solar storms–in 3-D animation–as they travel from the Sun to Earth. Produced and written by an educator for middle school students.

Images of Earth and Space II
Take a video field trip to the solar system and outer space that includes the study of magnetic fields, El Nino, ocean currents, an asteroid collision, the surface of Mars, and a titanic explosion in a binary neutron star system.

Comet Halley Returns
Study the comet’s 1985-86 rendezvous with Earth and the Sun and learn about its next visit to our vicinity.

Sun Splash Ozone Video
Computer graphics and animation illustrate ozone depletion and how ozone protects us from ultraviolet radiation.

Station Reel Time Two-Part Series
Learn how electricity will be generated on the International Space Station, the largest structure ever built in space.

Space Flight: The Application of Orbital Mechanics
Animation interspersed with footage from Shuttle missions explains planetary motion and orbital mechanics in detail.

Ulysses: Encounter With Jupiter
Travel with Ulysses in this computer-animated scenario of the spacecraft’s 10-day tour of Jupiter on its way to the Sun.

Videocassette Series

Episode 1: Our Star the Sun
Three Skylab missions of the 1970s provide the data for this analysis of the physical and chemical composition of the Sun.

30-Part Series Condensed Onto Four Video Cassettes
Uncover new insights into the size, formation, and makeup of the universe that complement existing physics and earth science curricula. Set includes a 90-page educator’s guide.

Episode 11: Universe
Visit the planets–with emphasis on Mars and Jupiter–and explore the solar system: galaxies, nebulae, pulsars, black holes, and the Sun.

Computer Materials

The Dynamic Sun
Study the Sun and its effects on Earth with this CD-ROM multimedia presentation that includes Sun study projects.

Apollo 12 The NASA Mission Reports
Follow the Apollo 12 crew to the Moon in this detailed overview that includes over 2,100 photographs and five QuickTime panoramas. This material is highly technical and not intended for general audiences.

PCs in Space
Encourage student interest in space exploration with these free Internet materials. For more information visit

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