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Sun-Earth Connections Educators Workshops
Educators learn about the connection between the star that heats us and our home planet. The site provides: workshop information, links to activities and information, Web versions of speaker presentations, and evaluation forms.

Urban and Rural Community Enrichment Program
NASA Aerospace Education Services Program specifically designed to present urban and rural middle school students with interesting and broadening educational activities.

Making Sun-Earth Connections
Ready-made presentations and captions

NASA’s Educator Resource Centers
Located on or near NASA Field Centers, museums, colleges, or other nonprofit organizations, ERCs provide educators with in-service and preservice training, demonstrations, and access to NASA instructional products.

NASA Opportunities for Visionary Academics
Works to create, develop, and disseminate a national framework for enhancing science, mathematics, and technology literacy for preservice educators in the 21st century.

NASA Lunar-Meteorite Sample Loan Program
Educators can be certified to borrow lunar and meteorite materials by attending a training seminar on security requirements and proper handling procedures. Learn how!

NASA Educational Workshops
Selected participants will spend two weeks in the summer at one of NASA’s centers. Travel expenses, housing, and meals are included as part of the program. Graduate credit is available.

Meteorology Educator’s Training
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is proud to offer a full day of intermediate-to-advanced level training for experienced educators of meteorology content in the classroom.

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